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Woman hits Lee County patrol car, charged with DUI

As the warmer weather arrives, more people come out and enjoy the amenities that Fort Myers has to offer. There are restaurants which offer outdoor seating and a place to catch up with friends and soak in the sunshine. However, some people have a cocktail or two and then get in their car to drive home, which can result in being convicted of drunk driving. DWI charges come with a number of penalties, including license suspension.

A 53-year-old woman's blood alcohol content was estimated to be over twice what the law allows. The woman allegedly admitted having a glass of vodka and it is uncertain whether she had just come out of a restaurant as her Cadillac was parked close by one. She was arrested and charged with DUI that caused property damage after putting the car into reverse and hitting another vehicle.

It was not clear whether the car belonged to the deputy who saw her, as it was a marked patrol vehicle for the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Apparently the woman was brought to his attention by other people nearby. Another person was with the woman and it is unknown whether that person was also placed in police custody.

Even if the woman is not a resident of Florida, there will likely be penalties for DWI conviction that she will have to take care of if she is found guilty. If it is a first time event, she may be able to succeed in receiving probation since it is unlikely a judge can give her license suspension if she is just visiting. It may be a good idea to seek out an attorney who can provide legal advice and information.

Source: Fox 4, "Fender bender with Lee deputy ends in DUI arrest," March 29, 2013

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