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What do DUI statistics show about drunk driving?

As a resident of Florida, you may sometimes find yourself wondering just what your chances of getting into an accident are. With the amount of dangers present on the road and issues like distracted and drunk driving making headlines daily, going out for a drive can seem like a dangerous task sometimes.

What telltale signs give away drunk drivers?

As a driver in Florida, you share the road with many people. Most are responsible, but you should always keep your guard up and your eyes peeled for signs of the ones who aren’t. Fortunately for you, drunk drivers can sometimes be easy to pick out.

College students and underage DUI

Drunk driving charges can shatter anyone's life, but they may be especially problematic if you are a college student or the parent of someone attending college. At the Fort Myers, Florida law firm of Steven Wetter, we understand the multitude of ways that DUI charges impact a college student's life. If you are a young person who has been accused of driving under the influence, you should take every step to protect your future.

You don't have to be driving to get a DUI

As an experienced driver you might recognize when it is best to pull over and take a nap. You started to drive home only to realize that you drank one too many and it is safer to take a rest. Although it sounds like a smart decision it is possible to get a DUI charge while asleep in your front seat.

A closer look at ignition interlock devices

If you are charged with drunk driving, you could face many different challenges, such as license suspension and job loss. However, these charges could affect your life in many other ways. For example, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. If you have found yourself in this position in Fort Myers, or another city in Florida, it is important to familiarize yourself with ignition interlock requirements in this state.

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