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What are Florida’s penalties for underage drinking?

Florida is a zero tolerance state when it comes to underage drinking and driving. What does this mean? Simply put, if you’re under 21, you could face harsh penalties for having even the smallest amount of alcohol in your system when pulled over. We at Steven Wetter, P.A., wish to share exactly what consequences might be in store if you face an underage DUI charge.

How is reckless driving defined?

As a driver in Florida, you may be aware of the fact that reckless drivers can make the roads more dangerous. Not only is it threatening to other drivers on the road, but a reckless driver could end up with fines or even jail time, while sufferers deal with medical issues and high bills. But what sort of actions are actually considered to be reckless driving?

What are my rights at DUI checkpoints?

DUI checkpoints are random roadblocks positioned at places where police officers stop vehicles to check for evidence of DUI. These sobriety checkpoints are often set up in areas near drinking establishments or at main intersections, but are not permanent roadblocks. The state of Florida allows these stops under the federal Constitution and you are required to stop at these checkpoints. However, police officers are also subject to laws when they stop you.

Alcohol and your body

Residents of Florida may indulge in a few drinks here and there, but many don’t understand the exact effects that alcohol can have on their body. Drivers often believe that they have more control over themselves than they really do after even just one or two drinks. This can lead to dangerous or even fatal accidents.

Injuries from DUI crashes that have life-long effects

While on the road, Florida drivers keep their eyes peeled for erratic behavior that could signify someone else is driving while under the influence. DUI-related accidents can be detrimental to a driver’s mental and physical well-being in many ways, so avoidance is key.

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