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The effect of DUI charges on a student

Students in Florida may suffer from a little shortsightedness in certain areas. A night out on the town or a good party may be someone's top priority, but the fact of the matter is that a DUI conviction can negatively impact a student's future in big ways.

What is a BUI?

If you own a boat, you may have been tempted to - or already have - spent time out on the water while drinking. While it isn't illegal to have alcohol on deck in the same way that it is to have open alcohol in your car, that doesn't necessarily mean you're in clear water if an officer pulls you over. We here at Steven Wetter will guide you through the nuances of potential BUIs.

What is social host liability?

As a Florida resident who is considering throwing a party, you should carefully take into consideration whether or not you will have alcohol available, especially if there are minors present. This is because there’s a chance you might be held accountable for anything your drunk party guests do.

10 signs police look for prior to a DUI stop

You know the police need to have probable cause to make a DUI stop. Without it, they can't pull you over, even if it's after 2 in the morning and the police are out fishing for drunk drivers. People have a right not to be interfered with until police have a reason to believe a crime has been committed.

What if a cop comes to your party?

There are plenty of reasons for Floridians to throw parties. Whether you’re celebrating the end of an exam period, a birthday or holiday, or just wanting to have a good time on the weekend, relaxing and hosting an event might seem ideal. But if you have underage drinking on your property and the police come by, you might find yourself in a pickle.

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