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February 2017 Archives

What if you are caught driving on a suspended license?

As a Floridian driver with a suspended license, there may be times in which you're tempted to drive anyway, whether it's to make an important meeting or because the distance is so short that you're certain you won't be caught. However, there are consequences if you are caught, and they aren't anything you would want to deal with.

Getting into a DUI crash that isn't your fault

Drivers in Florida with a blood alcohol content level of over .08 percent or above will be charged with driving under the influence. If that driver also gets into an accident, the charge will likely be bumped up to aggravated DUI. But what if the driver, despite being intoxicated, is not actually at fault for the accident?

What's at risk when you crash while under the influence?

If you have caused damages or lethal injury to another party in a DUI-related crash in Florida, you could be facing some severe consequences. We at Steven Wetter wish to highlight exactly what’s on the line for you if you don’t treat your charges as the high stakes matters that they are.

What's the difference between vehicular and DUI manslaughter?

If you have hit another driver in Florida and it resulted in their death, you may be facing either vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges. But what are the differences between the two? Despite the similar names, they can carry vastly different charges, since one may be a misdemeanor and the other is considered a felony.

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