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What is financial responsibility suspension?

As a Floridian driver, you likely know that a driver's license can be suspended for a number of reasons. Typically, the most common involve traffic violations or DUI related convictions. However, we at Steven Wetter, P.A., wish to inform you about a lesser known type of license suspension: financial responsibility suspension.

What is a hardship license?

As driver in Florida who has had your license temporarily revoked or suspended, you may be wondering if there are any other options out there for you. Fortunately, you might be eligible for a hardship license, which can be a huge help if you rely on personal transport to make a living.

How are underage DUI convictions punished?

Floridian parents may not know what to do if their child faces a DUI charge and could be convicted of the crime. We here at Steven Wetter understand that this can be a difficult time for your entire family. We wish to help you understand what might be at stake and the punishments your child may face.

What is aggravated DUI?

As a driver in Florida who has been accused of driving while under the influence, you should be aware of the fact that different levels of DUI offenses can come with different levels of penalties. We here at Steven Wetter wish to help you understand one of these types - aggravated DUI - so that you can be prepared if you face this charge.

What is a restricted driver's license?

As someone living and supporting yourself in Florida, you may wonder what to do if your license is suspended. You have a job to get to, after all, and work-related obligations that you may need a vehicle for. Is there any way around the suspension in these cases?

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