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What is a hardship license?

As driver in Florida who has had your license temporarily revoked or suspended, you may be wondering if there are any other options out there for you. Fortunately, you might be eligible for a hardship license, which can be a huge help if you rely on personal transport to make a living.

According to the Department of Motorized Vehicles, a hardship license is a type of restricted license that allows you to go to and from important functions - such as to school or work - but has limitations on it. These limits can include only carrying family members as passengers, only traveling during the day, having a mile limitation to follow, or only being allowed to travel to locations that have been pre-approved. The limits can vary based on your unique case as well as the laws in Florida.

Though hardship licenses can also often be used to allow children of the age of 14 or 15 to receive a permit for extenuating circumstances, that isn't the case for you. In your case, a hardship license essentially takes away your ability to drive for non-vital things, like giving friends rides or going to parties. However, it does allow you to continue driving to things that are considered vital to your wellbeing, and gives you an extra option if public transportation is simply not feasible for you.

Living without your proper license doesn't have to mean the end to your education or job. By looking into alternate licenses like the hardship license, you can continue commuting to your school or work during your probation period.

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