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April 2017 Archives

Can a DUI charge hurt your college prospects?

As an underage student in Florida aspiring to attend college in the near future, you have a lot to gain ahead of you. Unfortunately, this also means that you have a lot to lose. If you're facing a DUI charge, you may be wondering, "is my future education at risk?"

Was your DUI situation handled properly?

If you get saddled with a DUI charge in Florida, you could be facing some severe penalties if you are convicted. But did you know that in some cases, police don't handle the situation properly during the arrest, and that this might help you ut? We at Steven Wetter will work with you to determine if all necessary steps were taken before accusing you of a DUI-related crime.

Does a felony DUI charge automatically mean jail time?

As a Floridian who is facing charges of DUI manslaughter or DUI with serious bodily injury, you should be aware of exactly what is at stake for you. At Steven Wetter, P.A., we work to highlight the potential penalties you may face if you find yourself convicted of these charges, and how they could affect your life.

Can you drive without car insurance in Florida?

Florida drivers like you may be wondering if it's possible to save a few bucks by skipping out on car insurance. Unfortunately, this will ultimately lead to even more expenses in the end. You could even have your license suspended, leaving you in an even bigger bind than you were at the start.

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