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Can you drive without car insurance in Florida?

Florida drivers like you may be wondering if it's possible to save a few bucks by skipping out on car insurance. Unfortunately, this will ultimately lead to even more expenses in the end. You could even have your license suspended, leaving you in an even bigger bind than you were at the start.

The Balance states that Florida drivers face both driving privilege penalties and copious fines if you happen to be caught by police without insurance. In fact, even if you do have insurance but simply don't have proof on you at the time you're pulled over, you might be ticketed.

The fines for driving without insurance will definitely stack up over time. Though a first time offense will cost you $150 for reinstatement, the price continues to climb. It rises to $250 if you hit a second offense within three years of the first. For every offense after that, you'll have to shell out $500, which can add up quickly.

However, the more serious penalties of driving without insurance are the penalties related to your driving privilege. You can actually have your registration and license revoked for a maximum of 3 years. This can only be avoided if you are able to deliver proof of insurance within a certain frame of time.

These penalties don't even touch on the huge financial losses you could face if you end up actually getting into a wreck with no insurance under your belt. On a whole, it would be easier on you and your wallet in the longterm to have the protection of car insurance.

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