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Does a felony DUI charge automatically mean jail time?

As a Floridian who is facing charges of DUI manslaughter or DUI with serious bodily injury, you should be aware of exactly what is at stake for you. At Steven Wetter, P.A., we work to highlight the potential penalties you may face if you find yourself convicted of these charges, and how they could affect your life.

Both causing or contributing to a vehicular accident while under the influence or hitting a pedestrian while under the influence can carry strong penalties in the state of Florida. There is a very real chance that even a first-time offender could be facing things as severe as jail time if convicted of a felony DUI crime. Depending on the charges, you may be facing as much as 10 years in jail if someone was killed. If the accident you were involved in left someone with permanent or serious injury, you could end up with up to 4 years in jail.

If you are being accused of fleeing the scene of the accident, those heap on extra penalties that you may not have been aware of. Leaving the scene of a crash is considered a major felony and can add an additional 5 to 30 years to your prospective jail time, depending on whether or not anyone was injured or killed.

Do you still have more questions about DUI manslaughter charges, or any other potential felony DUI charges? Are you wondering what the short and long term consequences of these charges might be, if you are convicted of the crimes you're being accused of? Go visit our web page for further information, if you are, as having this knowledge under your belt can help you decide how to face your charges.

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