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Was your DUI situation handled properly?

If you get saddled with a DUI charge in Florida, you could be facing some severe penalties if you are convicted. But did you know that in some cases, police don't handle the situation properly during the arrest, and that this might help you ut? We at Steven Wetter will work with you to determine if all necessary steps were taken before accusing you of a DUI-related crime.

The first thing to note is that police must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over first. This can be an expired plate or sticker, minor traffic violations such as not coming to a complete stop, or having a broken head or tail light. However, there has to be some reason, and the officer must show that there was one. The substance in question might not tie back to you directly, either. If everyone in your vehicle was saddled with the same charges but the use or possession of the substance cannot be traced back to you specifically, this could be beneficial.

Additionally, if you were told that a search warrant was obtained, how did the officers obtain it? Were they given a tip? If so, did that tip come from a reliable source? Generally speaking, unless a warrant is involved, you must also consent to any searches before they happen. If you were strongarmed into allowing police to search your vehicle, you may be able to use that to your favor.

Our web page on substance possession can be found by following the link. You can take a look if you want to read more about the proper process of charging someone with DUI related crimes, and whether or not procedures were followed correctly in your case.

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