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DUI: What happens once you're pulled over?

In Florida, driving while under the influence is a serious crime that can net you some equally serious penalties. If you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI, there are certain things you should expect and certain actions to avoid. We at Steven Wetter wish to help you expect the most likely possibilities so that you are better prepared to protect yourself.

You will likely have to go through some sort of field sobriety test if the police have strong reason to suspect that you are driving while under the influence. You may even be asked to do more than one test. This can include anything from walking in a straight line to reciting the alphabet backwards. You may also be subjected to a breathalyzer test.

It is important to note that Florida has an implied consent law. What this means for you is that police are legally allowed to take a sample of your breath, urine or blood to measure your blood alcohol content levels if they have lawfully arrested you under suspicion of DUI. Your consent to these tests is implied the second that you hit the road. Being aware of this can allow you to avoid unnecessary conflict that might reflect poorly in court.

Learning more about what might occur after you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI can help you out a lot. By being prepared, you won't feel as much fear or uncertainty. You will also be better equipped to identify situations that are out of the ordinary if they occur.

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