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Will my insurance rates go up after a DUI?

Being convicted of a DUI-related charge in Florida can really leave a long, lasting impact on your driving record. But the repercussions don't stop there, either. The impact of a DUI conviction can affect many different areas of your life that you may not have even considered. You may also know certain areas will be impacted without understanding just how impacted they could become.

Your insurance rates are one of these areas. While a few people know their plan inside and out, many people don't know the smaller details, or how their insurance will react to every single possible situation until they're already in that situation. This is why sites like Nerd Wallet offer extensive articles on things like the best auto-insurance for people who have DUI charges on their records.

Unfortunately for you, your DUI will be on your record for several years minimum. This means that all auto-insurance companies you go to will be able to see your conviction, and will accordingly be able to peg you as a "risky driver". This will raise your rates in nearly every case, so it becomes a battle of who will raise your rates the least rather than who won't raise them at all. Additionally, some companies can slot you into high-risk driving categories. If your record is poor enough, you may even need to find specialized insurance companies who deal with high-risk customers, simply due to the fact that the top insurance companies may not want to deal with the potential risk you pose.

Finding or updating your insurance after a DUI conviction can be quite difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to continue having insurance that won't entirely break your bank. You'll just likely have to do a little searching before you get there.

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