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Can you refuse to take a breath test?

Florida residents who are pulled over and asked to take a breath test may wonder whether or not it's actually mandatory. Will you get into trouble if you simply refuse to take the test? While some people may think it's a good idea to refuse, it can actually be more trouble than a DUI charge on its own.

What makes a DUI a felony or misdemeanor?

Florida residents like you should be aware that DUI-related charges can fall into two classes. If convicted, you can either end up with a misdemeanor on your record, or you can get a more serious felony. But what factors determines which of the two you'll get?

The realities of underage drinking

Florida is widely known for its breezy beaches and exhilirating attractions. With an adventure around every corner, it comes as no surprise that the state is a mecca for entertainment, especially among young adults. Unfortunately, some of these beach vacations end with underage drinking citations -- which ultimately lead to pricey court fees and other penalties. Florida, like most states, has a minimum drinking age of 21. Some disagree with this regulation, but others claim it helps prevent a wide range of fatal accidents. 

DUI charges for Lakeland woman riding horse on freeway

It may be common knowledge to most in Fort Myers that consuming large amounts of alcohol can leave people dealing with significant impairments. Such impairments should deter them from driving, operating heavy equipment, or participating in any activity that might put themselves and others at risk. Yet one may wonder exactly how far criminal liability cases can be applied when dealing with someone operating under the influence. For example, should DUI laws apply when a person is not even driving (at least not driving a vehicle, anyway)? 

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