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Dealing with drunk driving charges

One cannot deny that drunk driving can create issues on the road. However, there are those instances in which drivers have hardly any substances in their systems, but nevertheless face crippling charges. Floridians who face such penalties can feel lost and overwhelmed as a result of demanding legal procedures -- not to mention the potential of having a suspended license and even jail time. 

Oftentimes, there can be deeper issues with drinking and driving that go unaddressed. A minor but pesky problem with drinking and driving can go unnoticed for years, long after a driver has dealt with multiple drunk driving offenses. Even if it is not an ongoing problem, social pressure and other situational influences can have long term effects on an individual. There are basic facts to know and other precautionary steps one can take to avoid the nuisance of drunk driving charges. 

The Problem

Most drivers charged with a DUI are aware that they are not alone. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2015, law enforcement arrested almost one million drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The CDC also notes that drunk driving risks can be greater for younger drivers; many fatal crashes also involve drivers with past DWI offenses. Some of the steps on can take to avoid these unpleasant run-ins include supplying rides for friends who have been drinking, as well as calling a taxi or other transportation services. Current research seeks to provide further awareness on drinking and driving and general safety.

The Range of Solutions

For those with multiple drunk driving charges, finding the solution is not always a simple task. According to Alcohol Problems and Solutions, DWI courts are one route to reducing drinking and driving; they also help those with drinking addictions. The latter is certainly beneficial in that it can address possible underlying issues. License revocation is another way most states handle drunk driving. Some of these methods can seem unappealing in the moment, but ultimately work toward enhancing the safety of all drivers on the road.    








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