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The one-leg stand field sobriety test

Like many people in Florida, you have probably heard that during a drunk driving stop, an officer can ask you to perform certain tests before deciding whether or not to place you under arrest. These are commonly called field sobriety tests as they are administered in the field where you were originally stopped. It is important for you to understand each of these tests including the fact that none of them are completely accurate.

One of the tests used is called the one-leg stand test. As the name implies and as explained by FieldSobrietyTests.org, during this test your balance is one of the things that an officer will evaluate. It is balance that many people may legitimately have problems with. Factors such as weight or neurological conditions may interfere with effective balance. Any injuries or conditions involving the legs, ankles, knees, hip or even back may also pose challenges for people when taking this test.

In addition to the need to balance on one foot, you would be instructed to count out loud exactly as instructed by the officer. The stress of a potential arrest can make it very difficult to completely and properly execute multiple tasks at once. The one-leg stand field sobriety test has an accuracy rate of only 65 percent.

If you would like to learn more about the one-leg stand or other similar tests used during a drunk driving investigation, please feel free to visit the field sobriety test page of our Florida drunk driving and criminal defense website.

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