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How do you get your license back?

Sometimes you may not realize just how much you rely on your ability to drive in Fort Myers until you lose your license. A license suspension or revocation can happen for any number of reasons. You may have unpaid traffic or parking fines, have accrued to many driving penalty points, or have been found to have visual impairments that affect your driving ability. Of course, being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs results in an automatic revocation of your driving privileges. Whatever the reason why you lost your license, you are no doubt in a hurry to get it back. So what do you need to do in order to do so? 

The first and most obvious requirement is to complete your suspension period. If your license has been suspended due to unpaid fines or vision issues, then it can be reinstated as soon as you satisfy those fines or show that you have corrective lenses (or have taken action needed to address your vision issues). In cases where you have lost your license because of too many penalty points, you typically have to wait between 3 months to 1 year. The time required to wait before applying to have your license reinstated following a DUI is as follows: 

  • First offense: 1 year
  • Second offense: 5 years
  • Additional offenses: 10 years

Per Section 322.29(2) of Florida's Motor Vehicle Code, you may not have take an examination again when requesting to have your license reinstated following a suspension due to moving violations or visual issues. However, you typically will following a revocation for a DUI. In the case of a DUI, you also have to prove that you have completed an alcohol treatment program and that you have bodily liability injury insurance. 

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