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How does a suspended license impact your life?

In Florida, drivers who are accused of DUI-related crimes can face the very real possibility of having their license suspended. In some extreme cases, it may even be revoked. Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, will help you protect your ability to drive when it's being threatened.

Putting life back together after a license suspension

The reason may have been insignificant, but the effects of a suspended license could present challenges to one's daily routine. No matter what type of drunk driving charge occurred, losing a license can threaten one's career and even quality of life. Floridians in these tricky situations may benefit from learning more about the state's administrative suspension laws and the ways they can manage the problem as best as possible.

The penalties accompanying subsequent DUIs

Many often will attribute your first DUI in Fort Myers to a simple lapse in judgment, especially in cases where you are the only one that is affected. The same might be said about a second conviction. However, once you reach three DUI convictions and beyond, the penalties that you may face tend to get more severe. Our team at Steven Wetter Attorney at Law, P.A. has worked with clients facing subsequent DUI convictions, and their concerns are typically the same: at what point are they facing felony DUI charges? 

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