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Putting life back together after a license suspension

The reason may have been insignificant, but the effects of a suspended license could present challenges to one's daily routine. No matter what type of drunk driving charge occurred, losing a license can threaten one's career and even quality of life. Floridians in these tricky situations may benefit from learning more about the state's administrative suspension laws and the ways they can manage the problem as best as possible.

Whether a driver faces serious consequences after an offense or simply wants to expand knowledge on state laws, it can prove advantageous to learn what offenses, exactly, lead to license suspension. The Sun Sentinel shared in February that a plethora of offenses fit under the umbrella of license revocation, including:

  • Failure to pay child support
  • Skipping traffic school
  • Missing a court date
  • Alcohol possession (for those under 18)

Because a citation for driving under the influence can lead to mandatory court dates and even traffic school, it is important to keep the above factors in mind. Just one or two drinks could lead to a small DUI charge, which could subsequently result in a cycle of court dates, fees and other repercussions -- a cycle from which many Floridians struggle to break free.  

As the website for Florida's Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shares, the state's DUI and administrative suspension laws could leave a severe impact on a person's life in the months and years following an offense. For example, a first conviction could result in a $500 minimum fee; offenses without bodily injury could lead to license revocation for 180 days minimum. Drivers involved in offenses that caused bodily injury could see their license revoked for three years at minimum. Of course, multiple charges -- including those resulting in bodily injury -- could come with lasting and more serious consequences. As for regaining one's license, the FHSMV states that drivers may apply to have their licenses reinstated for business or employment purposes. There may be many steps involved in a license suspension, but there are paths that can lead one to freedom on the road once again.   





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