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The penalties accompanying subsequent DUIs

Many often will attribute your first DUI in Fort Myers to a simple lapse in judgment, especially in cases where you are the only one that is affected. The same might be said about a second conviction. However, once you reach three DUI convictions and beyond, the penalties that you may face tend to get more severe. Our team at Steven Wetter Attorney at Law, P.A. has worked with clients facing subsequent DUI convictions, and their concerns are typically the same: at what point are they facing felony DUI charges? 

Your first two DUI convictions within a 10-year period will likely only result in misdemeanor charges. The exception to this would be if your driving under the influence caused accidents which resulted in property damage or serious injuries to others. Any subsequent DUI arrests within that same time period will likely result in felony charges. What exactly are potential criminal penalties you could face if convicted? The Florida High Safety and Motor Vehicles division lists them as being a prison sentence between 30 days to up to five years. That sentence could be extended even further if it is determined you meet the criteria for being a habitual felony offender. 

Yet the penalties associated with a fourth of subsequent DUI do not end there. You could also be required to pay fines ranging from $2,000-$5,000 (the minimum fine amount increases to $4,000 if your BAC was above .15). Your vehicle will also be impounded for 90 days. You may not be able to drive it even after that time, however, given that felony DUI charges typically result in a 10-year suspension of your driving privileges. 

You can learn more about the potential consequences of a felony DUI by continuing to browse through our site. 

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