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Can underage drinking offenses be expunged?

Your kids may clearly understand that the legal drinking age in Florida in 21. That does not necessarily mean, however, that they will refuse to experiment with alcohol or have a drink while at a party in Fort Myers. If one of your kids face legal consequences for doing so, there may be nothing that can be done in the moment other than to accept responsibility for it and move on. Should such a decision, however, haunt him or her forever? 

Factors that raise misdemeanor DUI to a felony

Florida and all other states, plus the District of Columbia, have enacted laws that make driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol a crime. According to FindLaw, a standard DUI is a misdemeanor that typically carries a jail sentence at an area county facility. Misdemeanors are usually divided into three degrees, depending on their seriousness. Less serious than a misdemeanor is an Infraction, which does not include jail time. A felony is more serious than a misdemeanor and it carries stiffer penalties, which typically involves a fine and prison sentence.

DUI troubles find 3 Brevard County corrections officers

The are plenty of stories out there detailing the arrests of people in Fort Myers on drunk driving charges. One might think that those tales alone (along with the details of the potential criminal penalties those accused of these offenses may face) would be sufficient to deter anyone from even the thought of driving after drinking alcohol. Yet DUI arrests continue to occur. This fact may serve to illustrate just how easily one might allow a supposed momentary lapse in judgment to prompt him or her to engage in activity that, at any other time (and in any other setting), he or she would not. 

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