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DUI troubles find 3 Brevard County corrections officers

The are plenty of stories out there detailing the arrests of people in Fort Myers on drunk driving charges. One might think that those tales alone (along with the details of the potential criminal penalties those accused of these offenses may face) would be sufficient to deter anyone from even the thought of driving after drinking alcohol. Yet DUI arrests continue to occur. This fact may serve to illustrate just how easily one might allow a supposed momentary lapse in judgment to prompt him or her to engage in activity that, at any other time (and in any other setting), he or she would not. 

This certainly might seem to be the case with three Brevard County corrections officers who were all recently arrested and suspended from their jobs following DUI arrests. All three officers ended up being in accidents that resulted in property damage (one reportedly also sustained injuries that required hospitalization). Two of the officers also refused to submit to blood-alcohol testing (no indication was given whether they refused breathalyzer tests or actual chemical screenings). The other had a BAC measurement of .235, which not only was three times the legal limit, but also in the range where alcohol poisoning is a possibility. 

The Brevard County sheriff was on record saying that these officers should have known better. One might say that about almost anyone who comes under suspicion of DUI. Yet being arrested (and even convicted) of driving under the influence may not necessarily be an indicator of habitual recklessness or a blatant disregard of authority. As such, those facing such charges deserve every chance to earn an acceptable outcome to their cases. Such an outcome may be more easily secured if one has the help of a experienced attorney. 

Source: Florida Today "3 Brevard County corrections deputies charged with DUI; sheriff calls them 'knuckleheads'" Stancil, Lamaur, May 01, 2018

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