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Fatal crash from 2 years prior reaps heavy consequences

Drinking and driving equates to severe consequences in any state. In Florida specifically, DUI charges are often accompanied by threats of jail time, license suspension or revocation, hefty fines and much more. When felonies or charges like injury or manslaughter are added, it can end up the driver sentenced to a very long term.

Different BAC levels affect penalties as well as driving ability

A quiet dinner out or a full night of bar-hopping can both end in DUI charges, regardless of the number of drink a person consumes. A police officer’s interpretation of whether a driver appears intoxicated can play a role in an arrest, but the actual blood alcohol content is often a deciding factor on the severity of the penalties. In Fort Myers, even first-time penalties can be steep.

Judge in Florida faces DUI charges after taking sleep aid

Prescription drugs are known for their side effects. Depending on the person, these side effects may illicit symptoms that mimic the appearance that they are driving under the influence of a controlled substance. For example, a person may have decreased control over their body or struggle with a headache that compromises their ability to concentrate. Even if they are following the instructions given to them by their doctor, law enforcement may believe that they are disobeying the law. In Florida, people could face DUI charges if it is suspected that there is a drug or alcohol in their system that renders them too impaired to drive.

DUI charges result in rehab and probation

There is a story behind every drunk driving incident. For some people in Fort Myers, it is a party or night out with friends. For others, however, it is a history that indicates a problem that should be addressed with consequences that do not involve jail time. When someone faces drunk driving charges, it is important for courts to consider the whole picture to best serve the individual and the community.

Florida bicyclist admits to being “buzzed” after hit-and-run

Not every charge of drinking and driving involves being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. People in Fort Myers should be aware that consuming alcohol and then operating other methods of transportation can also be problematic. Riding a scooter or even a bicycle while intoxicated can result in drunk driving charges, as one recent incident illustrates.

Traffic stop in Florida results in DUI, battery charges

Law enforcement commonly pull over individuals for minor traffic violations such as a missing taillight or driving too fast. These routine stops in Florida can result in a citation. Motorists should know their rights in order to avoid further charges. In one recent drunk driving incident, a woman’s traffic stop took a turn for the worse.

Advocates propose changes to Florida's hit-and-run laws

In Florida, there are tens of thousands of car accidents every year, many of which are hit-and-run. A driver arrested on DUI charges in association with a hit-and-run accident may face certain minimum penalties as outlined by current state laws. However, there is a growing opposition to such laws that some say encourage drunk drivers to flee the scene.

Florida co-eds should know their rights when facing DUI charges

When a college student is arrested for drunk driving, many things may be racing through his mind. He may be worried that he will lose his license. He may be concerned about spending time in jail. One thing Fort Myers students may not consider is how their university will react to the charges. The potential consequences of a DUI for a student now include disciplinary action from the school, as some University of Central Florida co-eds are learning.

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