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Blood test thrown out in Florida felony DUI case

When someone is pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving and subsequently arrested, there are a number of possible outcomes. Individuals in Fort Myers who are involved in serious accidents may face charges such as DUI manslaughter, which can carry serious penalties. In order for the prosecution to pursue the case, evidence is required. As one recent incident illustrates, that evidence is only good if it is obtained using the proper methods.

Underage Florida girl may face DUI manslaughter charge

Whenever a minor faces charges, the outcome can have serious implications on his or her future. Schools and potential employers take convictions seriously, which is why it is important for Florida residents to seek the help of an attorney when an incident occurs. For one 13-year-old who may now face a DUI manslaughter charge, that will ring especially true.

Does billboard send wrong message about alcohol?

When someone is injured or killed by a driver in Coral Gables who has consumed too much to drink, the penalties that driver faces are generally stiff ones. Vehicular homicide connected with alcohol often leads to a prison sentence and to a lifelong remorse for the life that was lost. In addition, that person loses their career, a spouse may divorce them, and professional licenses may be revoked. Driving and drinking is considered a societal taboo and a billboard seems to be hitting some people the wrong way.

A DUI manslaughter charge with a 0.00 BAC?

A Florida man was charged with DUI manslaughter, for the death of a pedestrian in an incident in Panama City Beach. He was originally charged with a misdemeanor DUI, but the charge was upgraded after the trooper spoke with prosecutors, according to a story in the Herald Tribune.

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