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Can underage drinking offenses be expunged?

Your kids may clearly understand that the legal drinking age in Florida in 21. That does not necessarily mean, however, that they will refuse to experiment with alcohol or have a drink while at a party in Fort Myers. If one of your kids face legal consequences for doing so, there may be nothing that can be done in the moment other than to accept responsibility for it and move on. Should such a decision, however, haunt him or her forever? 

Are drinking laws in america too strict?

Underage drinking is an age-old subject that receives a great deal of debate. Many Floridians might agree that the current age of 21 is fitting for drinking laws, but others argue that it should be lowered. There are a plethora of arguments to each side of this topic, but the issue remains clear: thousands of Americans face severe penalties for a drinking decision made long ago. 

Is underage drinking really a serious issue?

Regardless of the setting, the law states that underage drinking at any level is unacceptable. Yet countless young Floridians face serious penalties each year for just one misstep -- a misstep that could result in major fines and even jail time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in such a situation, but many may wonder, is underage drinking really a pervasive problem among today's younger generations?

The truth about underage drinking in florida

Many Florida college students realize the seriousness of underage drinking penalties, but such penalties can create problems for far too long. Just one citation is enough to inflict damage on one's academic success, career options and personal reputation. Some have a tendency to criticize younger crowds for being reckless with alcohol; however, according to some recent sources on underage drinking problems in the state, there are many other factors at play.   

The realities of underage drinking

Florida is widely known for its breezy beaches and exhilirating attractions. With an adventure around every corner, it comes as no surprise that the state is a mecca for entertainment, especially among young adults. Unfortunately, some of these beach vacations end with underage drinking citations -- which ultimately lead to pricey court fees and other penalties. Florida, like most states, has a minimum drinking age of 21. Some disagree with this regulation, but others claim it helps prevent a wide range of fatal accidents. 

Can a DUI charge hurt your college prospects?

As an underage student in Florida aspiring to attend college in the near future, you have a lot to gain ahead of you. Unfortunately, this also means that you have a lot to lose. If you're facing a DUI charge, you may be wondering, "is my future education at risk?"

How are underage DUI convictions punished?

Floridian parents may not know what to do if their child faces a DUI charge and could be convicted of the crime. We here at Steven Wetter understand that this can be a difficult time for your entire family. We wish to help you understand what might be at stake and the punishments your child may face.

The effect of DUI charges on a student

Students in Florida may suffer from a little shortsightedness in certain areas. A night out on the town or a good party may be someone's top priority, but the fact of the matter is that a DUI conviction can negatively impact a student's future in big ways.

What is social host liability?

As a Florida resident who is considering throwing a party, you should carefully take into consideration whether or not you will have alcohol available, especially if there are minors present. This is because there’s a chance you might be held accountable for anything your drunk party guests do.

What if a cop comes to your party?

There are plenty of reasons for Floridians to throw parties. Whether you’re celebrating the end of an exam period, a birthday or holiday, or just wanting to have a good time on the weekend, relaxing and hosting an event might seem ideal. But if you have underage drinking on your property and the police come by, you might find yourself in a pickle.

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