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Mother arrested for drunk driving picking kids up from school

It may seem shocking to some people that a mother or father would take the risk of driving drunk with a child. However, it can be easy to make assumptions from reading a newspaper article without knowing what actually happened from the parent’s side. It is true that some Fort Myers parents make decisions that are not in the best interests of their children. It is also true that many loving parents can make a mistake without fully realizing the potential consequences. Therefore, it is important that those who are arrested for drunk driving have the chance to tell their story to a judge.

How do you reinstate your license after a first DUI offense?

Receiving a DUI is an offense associated with a variety of different penalties, including license revocation. To regain driving privileges, drivers arrested for drunk driving must adhere to a certain procedure after their first DUI conviction. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, drivers must apply for a hardship license in the county where they live before the end of their revocation period. For most drivers convicted of their first DUI, the revocation period lasts between 180 days to a year. For drivers who were arrested for a DUI with serious injury, the revocation period may be as long as three years.

Dealing with license revocation after a DUI in Florida

Receiving a DUI in Florida leads to a variety of different consequences. Some of these may include fines, fees and driver's license revocation. After being arrested for drunk driving, drivers are required to go without an active driver's license depends on the number of convictions they have received within a certain time period.

Florida representative doesn't resign after driving impaired

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08. However, BAC level can vary depending on a person’s gender, weight, rate of consumption and a variety of other factors. This can make it difficult for those who went out and had a few drinks with friends or at a party to determine whether or not they are able to operate a vehicle legally and also makes being arrested for drunk driving an easy mistake to make.

Florida accident results in DUI and drug possession charges

An individual who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction may benefit from attending a rehabilitation facility. Many people in Fort Myers who struggle with substance abuse seek help following an incident in which they were arrested for drunk driving. In certain circumstances, sending an individual to jail may not serve their best interests or even the best interests of the community. Battling addiction can be a long, hard road, as one recent case reminds us.

Florida co-eds should know their rights when facing DUI charges

When a college student is arrested for drunk driving, many things may be racing through his mind. He may be worried that he will lose his license. He may be concerned about spending time in jail. One thing Fort Myers students may not consider is how their university will react to the charges. The potential consequences of a DUI for a student now include disciplinary action from the school, as some University of Central Florida co-eds are learning.

DUI arrest offers opportunity to make positive life changes

Drinking and driving has serious consequences in Florida. It can lead to license suspension or revocation, felony DUI charges and can cause serious bodily injury to the driver or other motorists on the road. Many people who are arrested for drunk driving don’t anticipate other potential consequences—both personal and professional—and the shame and self-hatred that often accompanies such charges.

Florida man driving with deployed air bags arrested for DUI

When someone is pulled over in Fort Myers for a traffic violation, officers may ask the person questions in order to assess the situation. The information given may be used by the officers to determine what course of action they should take with the driver. A person’s rate of speech and appearance can influence their decision, and in some cases, it may lead them to suspect the person was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In these situations, the driver may be arrested on drunk driving charges.

Law enforcement must try to get warrant, U.S. Supreme Court says

In the event of someone refusing a breath test, law enforcement in Fort Myers has the option of submitting a person suspected of drunk driving to a blood test. The blood test determines the blood-alcohol content and if someone is found to be over the legal limit, he or she can be arrested for drunk driving and prosecuted. In the event that they are convicted, that person can face a number of penalties.

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