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A hardship license can allow you to work after a suspension

In a recent blog post, we discussed what could happen if you refused to submit to a breath test during a traffic stop. More likely than not, you would end up losing your driver’s license for a while. This will also happen if you’re convicted of drunk driving in Fort Myers. At the law offices of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., we understand the difficulties you face after your right to drive has been taken away.

What to do in the case of possible license revocation

Driving is a necessity in the lives of many people, and it may be a large part of yours as well. Your income may even depend on your ability to drive. This is why we understand that you would like to avoid being saddled with a lengthy period of license suspension, or the possibility of license revocation.

Sarasota man with revoked license charged with 8th DUI

Any drunk driving conviction in Florida usually results in serious penalties, but the repercussions of some charges can be more severe than others. Depending on the outcome of a case, someone can end up with steep fines, a lengthy jail sentence and a permanent criminal record. Defending a DUI charge can be particularly challenging if the person facing charges has had multiple convictions or a driver’s license suspension.

Four states have revoked Florida man's driver's license

Breaking the law is never a good idea, but it can have especially tough consequences if you have a history of wrongdoing. Fort Myers residents who have past issues with license suspension may want to be especially careful in order to get back their rights to drive. Additional infractions can lead to even harsher penalties.

Driving on suspended licenses yields more charges for brothers

There are a number of reasons that a person’s driver’s license could be suspended. Accumulating too many traffic tickets, driving without valid auto insurance, refusing a blood alcohol test or failing to appear in court may result in a suspended license; being cited for a DUI is an automatic license suspension. Driving on a suspended license can compound one’s legal problems. The penalty for doing so can range from a misdemeanor offense to a felony, depending on the circumstances. It can also lead to license revocation and possibly other criminal charges.

Florida man charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license

A person’s driving privileges may be suspended for reasons other than a DUI conviction. If someone is arrested on drug charges, they may agree to a license suspension as part of the condition of their release while waiting for a trial. Should a person be arrested for a DUI in Fort Myers after the suspension of a driver’s license and they have pending drug charges, it may negatively impact the outcome of the first case.

Drunk driving and other charges for Florida man found in car

A drunk driving arrest can lead to a number of consequences, including the suspension of a driver’s license. Without a driver’s license, it can be difficult to do any number of normal day-to-day activities in Florida. For example, it may take additional time to get to work each day, as it may be necessary to rely on friends and family members for transportation.

Fort Myers man facing multiple DUI charges after crash

The penalties for DWI conviction are many and can pose several challenges for the person who is sentenced with them. Aside from time in jail, license suspension can be one of the hardest consequences since a person relies on their car to get to work, run errands, take their children to school and may even use their car as a work vehicle. Losing the right to drive may even result in a person losing their job if they work as a courier or truck driver.

Would lower blood alcohol content be fair for social drinkers?

While some people may feel that DWI charges are not that big a deal in Fort Myers, they may want to think again. Being stopped and arrested for drunk driving can be an expensive ordeal, especially if the driver’s car is impounded. That person also faces a possible license suspension which can affect their ability to hold a job and take care of their family. Penalties for DWI conviction often include fines, which can be hard on the budget, and even a few days in jail.

Forty Myers man faces second DUI in a week

When someone is convicted of drunk driving, one penalty that they might face is the loss of their driving privileges. With a suspended license, a person could find themself limited in terms of employment or being able to get around Fort Myers. In addition to the license suspension, a person may also have to pay fines and perhaps even spend some time in a jail cell, putting their job at risk and causing possible financial hardship for their family. However, sometimes what the person really needs is help.

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